Monday, 15 December 2008


Whenever the CPM comes to power in Kerala, the NGO Union rules the State. The ministers leave it totally to the Union to administer the State and formulate policies, frame rules and implement them. Every Left rule in the State has thus been responsible for excessive bureaucratisation of the society.

At best only mindless agitators, LDF ministers and legislators have always lacked that something which makes good administrators. The consequence is that they have always been like Alice in Wonderland with in the Secretariat. They lean heavily on the civil servants’ unions affiliated to their parties and look unto them to suggest each minor step that the administration would take. Ideally, it is the bureaucracy that should look up to the elected representatives for initiatives.
The wily bureaucrats in their turn ensure that systems and procedures are so formulated and amended that the Clerk reigns supreme in all matters, with officials’ tentacles gripping each nut and screw in people’s lives. It has been seen that towards the end of each LDf rule, bureaucratic enthusiasm to suck the last drop of blood from the citizen opens up full throttle.

The Unions ensure that the intereference of the State is embedded more and more in each area of civil life. This is done to ensure perpetual bureaucratic supremacy even when the other Front comes to power. The majority of the bureaucracy is always the NGO Union men. Absolute mindlessness, with only motives of bribe deciding things, is seen in all projects and laws for the future during any CPM rule.

Feebleness of the mind by the NGO Union only caused the unnecessary and stupid controversy about the State government's ignoring the late Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan's bereaved family. The State ended up looking ridiculous and un-mannered. That the English media played up an innocent and usual Malayalam colloquialism used by the CM showed motivated media idiocy as well.

Had Maj. Sandeep's family been living in Kannur, his father would not have dared to give vent to his dissatisfaction in the way he did. CPM cadres of Kodiyeri would have set fire to the house after beating up the bereaved.

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