Tuesday, 8 July 2008


We are masters of self-deception and naïve hypocrisy. Unfortunately, our Prime Minister is not as good as we all are. That is why he was open and honest about the Nuclear deal unlike the rest of our so-called leaders. Well spoken, Sardarji!
The fact remains that the CPM’s alliance with the Congress was merely an extension of the multinational business and commercial relationship of Com. Surjeet Singh’s family with Sonia Gandhi’s family in Italy. One fails to see why the media is still silent about it. Nevertheless, stories of the various business deals of the UPA government thereby influenced by the CPM during the past four years are sure to come out in the days to come. It is likely that the Left would be irrelevant in Indian politics for a few years now, except for their being mentioned constantly in connection with such deals.
It is also to come out that the Left’s opposition to the Nuclear deal was only because it was ignored in the comforts-arrangements with the nuclear fuel supplier companies from the NSG countries.

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