Friday, 1 July 2011


A ‘rationalist’ of the conservative genre, opined on TV tonight that the wealth is the people’s and not of the Temple or the Royalty. It should therefore, be converted into currency and utilised to uplift the poor, to raise the BPL folks higher, and for their education and health care. Mr. P.J.Cherian of the Pattanam excavation also endorsed his views. I pity their intelligence, if any.

Churches and mosques also have such hidden treasure, if not already stolen by the Committees. If the Supreme Court or any government tries to excavate them, they would feel the real heat.

Left to myself, I find that the antique value of the stuff can never be estimated nor confirmed. It should therefore be converted into a highly secure Museum which might in time, become the greatest in the world. [I agree that valuables from Trivandrum museum are regularly pilfered.]

However, this is not likely to happen. Sonia Gandhi’s family runs an Indian antique shop in Italy. Subramanian Swami has spoken of it. Stolen antiques from Indian temples used to be smuggled out of India to Italy with the help of the LTTE.

As soon as the first UPA government took charge, the Italian PM was one of the first visitors to India. 15 agreements were signed without much publicity. One of the agreements stipulated that Italian companies be ‘consulted’ and allowed to manage all Indian archeological sites and antique stuff. [Another was to contract the entire Chandrayaan to Italian companies]. Sooner or later therefore, the Italians might step in in the matter of the Padmanabha treasures. If Oommen Chandy plays along, he might even overtake AK Anthony and be President of India soon, as reward.


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