Monday, 13 April 2009

In Kerala, they don't throw shoes!

In Kerala, they do not throw Chappals!

Throwing Chappals is the in-thing in India now. We are a great people for imitating others.
In Kerala however, this ['throwing'] has been a usual procedure during strikes and Bandhs which they have daily.

As usual, the CPM showed the way. For the past 40 years, striking or agitating CPM guys have thrown things at non-participants.

They do not throw shoes [few wear shoes] or chappals though, because both are costly. Instead, they throw human excreta on the enemies. Striking government employees and teachers use nothing else, because they are educated, perhaps.

A few years ago, a member of the State Human Rights Commission took some action against some CPM civil servants and woke up one morning to find his entire house painted with human excreta. The Police refused to collect the material evidence and the investigations were a non-starter.

During Election time now, CPM cadres rough up journalists that they do not like, everywhere. So far, the journos have been protesting it by holding protest marches. Since 'throwing' is more effective, they might soon turn to it to protest. One hopes Kerala media men would not use the favourite Kerala material to throw at politicians.

Perhaps, they should. They are the 'model state' that the rest of India looks up to.

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