Thursday, 26 February 2009

Have Abhaya-accused helped terror-accused?

Malini removed from FSL
She had forged documents to get job
Deccan Herald, Bangalore. Feb 25, 2009:

Yielding to pressure from the Opposition parties, the State government on Wednesday, took the decision to discharge Dr S Malini from the post of assistant director of Forensic Psychology division of Forensic Science Laboratories in Bangalore. She was on probation.

Home Minister V S Acharya, announced this decision in the Legislature Council, after members of the Congress and the JD(S) staged a dharna demanding her dismissal.

JD(S) leader M C Nanaiah, raising the issue, said that Malini had furnished forged documents to get the appointment. She had been working in the institute on a contract basis since 1999. She was appointed to the post on a regular basis in 2007.

She gave false date of birth to claim eligibility to the post and furnished fake documents as proof of her expertise in the field. While her date of birth is 12-05-1960. She lowered her age by four years to become eligible for the post. The documents, she furnished, had been attested by her husband Dr B K Muralidhar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UVCE, Nanaiah said.

He, further, said the DG&IGP had sent a report recommending the Principal Secretary (Home Department) to discharge her from the service as she furnished wrong information to get recruited to the post. The DG&IGP recommended action against Dr Mohan, Director of FSL, Mudduveeraiah, Chief Administrative Officer (Office of DG&IGP), who were in the recruitment committee. Other two in the committee were the then DG&IGP K R Srinivasan, who is no more and Subhash Bharani, who was ADG (Crime & Tech Services). He took VRS in April 2008.

Nanaiah said the CBI, investigating into the Sister Abhaya case of Kerala, had also alleged that Malini manipulated the CDs related to tests conducted on the accused. A deputy director of CBI had subjected Malini for an interrogation in this connection on February 6 this year. In addition, Nanaiah said, Malini leaked the contents of the brain mapping and lie detector tests, to media well before submitting the same to the investigating agency. “A huge amount of money is involved in such affairs,” he said.

Acharya said the department had served a notice asking her to reply to the allegations levelled against her.

Action would be taken in accordance with the reply, he added. Dissatisfied with the reply, the Opposition members staged a dharna, compelling chairman Veeranna Mathikatti to adjourn the House for sometime.

When the House reassembled Acharya said the officer would be sent on leave. However, the Opposition did not budge from its stand. Eventually, Acharya declared that she would be relieved from the service. Later the Congress and the JD(S) withdrew the protest. Leader of the Opposition V S Ugrappa and Nanaiah demanded that those responsible for her getting the post should be suspended.
With Dr. Malini's discharge, the Congress Opposition has possibly rendered all the cases that she handled, especially the terrorism-related ones, liable to be thrown out from courts all over India. As the Opposition MLC admitted, “a huge amount of money is involved". Powers to influence even the PMO and the CBI were attributed to the Abhaya-accused in the Kerala High Court.
Karnataka politics is known for criminality and corruption. The Opposition enthusiasm in the Malini issue is therefore, suspect. The truth must be brought out through a lie-detector test! Is it the Abhaya -accused or the terror-accused that caused the enthusiasm?

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